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CPU-Z Software

CPUZ: Scan your Computer Configuration

Ever wondered what is the type of the memory installed in your computer? Are you guessing whether all the memory slots are intact functional? Without much […]

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Running the Selected Macro - Easy Tips to Create Macros in MS Word

Easy Tips to Create Macros in MS Word

Macro is a single instruction for a user, but which expands itself into many instructions by itself while executing. A macro can be a group of […]

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Validation Field Type - Easy Tips to get started with Data Validation in MS Excel

Easy Tips to get Started with Data Validation in MS Excel

MS Excel from Microsoft is a widely renowned spreadsheet application and is available for most of the platforms. The applications of MS Excel are truly limited […]

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Internet Marketing – Increasing Return on Investment

Internet marketing is a revolutionary application for the businesses to promote, sell and gain popularity in the most cost and time efficient way. This includes both […]

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